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Feedback on Firearm licensing

June 30, 2018

Feedback on Firearm licensing

After the latest court finding concerning firearm licensing and the expiry of licenses and all the information surrounding this topic, WRWS has taken a decision to refrain from getting involved in these matters.

This decision was taken as we have re looked at our objectives as a club and we arrived at the decision that we will leave this topic to the relevant organisations and association dealing with these matters and who is involved in the court processes.

We are not in the position to give any feedback, information, guidance or advice of any sorts.

Our objective as a "Wing shooting Club" is to offer venues and opportunities to our members and doing this at a very low cost. This is why the club was created and this is what we feel is our objective.


We recommend that if you need any advice, guidance, feedback or  information on the current affairs surrounding firearm licensing, that you join one of the organisation involved in the process or contact your nearest DFO.

Some of the organisation that you can join who is actively involved in these matters and who will be able to assist with information is:

SaHunter:  http://www.sahunters.co.za/

SAGA:        https://www.saga.org.za/

GOSA:       http://www.gosaonline.co.za/

We hope that our member understand our position regarding this matter.


Thank you,

WRWS Admin

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Pigeon Shooting

March 24, 2019

Pigeon Shooting

We can confirm that we have farms lined up for Pigeon shooting but the crop will not be ready until mid April 2019 as most farmers only started planting Sunflower later than normal this year.

We also need to wait for the Gauteng Pigeon shooting season to be officially opened. As normal we are waiting for it to appear in the Government Gazette, this should go out soon.


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